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Llumar Black VS SolarFX Carbon

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Newb here,


Can anyone give me some insight between these two films? Any advantage of one over the other? General thoughts?


Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

 Hello neaux, I am with SolarFX Window Films. If there is anything that I can do to assist you, please let me know. I will not offer my opinion as it would be subjective and it is not my opinion that you are seeking. I will say that Llumar has very good products. I see that you are in St Louis????? If so, maybe EffortEqualsResults will chime in with his opinion and can share his experience with you as he is just on the other side of the river in Illinois.



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Thanks for all the replies. I am new to window tint, and am not installer. I don't know if my question was appropriate for this board. But, I haven't found another forum dedicated to tint.


Llumar "black" must be their low level as it is this shops entry level price. 


I have been scouring this board and attempting to ingest as much information, and possibly learn this trade down the road.



If this question is acceptable for this forum. I can list the particulars and price quotes and people can guide me from there?



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OK, I see. I think that we all thought you were a tinter asking the questions. As Dynamic said, Llumar does not have a "Black" film in their line-up. I will say what follows is based on it being the ATC series of film. If you are trying to decide between shop A selling ATC & shop B selling CarbonFX they are both of these films are "Top Quality" Color Stable Films. Either of these films are going to last for years on your vehicle. What it would come down to would be which shop you feel most comfortable with and can provide you the service that you seek. Of course, I would prefer you choose the SolarFX!! :lol

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