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Back glass fingers

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Hello everyone I'm a new tinter obviously lol. I've gotten the side windows down no problem now I'm trying to get this back glass down to a level where I can actually start making money tinting windows. My problem has been with fingers on the sides while I'm heat shrinking the film. To fix this I have started to tack down the sides of my h pattern with more pressure so the fingers do not appear which has yielded good results but now I'm having issues with the film forming pesky little creases in the center while I'm heat shrinking. Any advise would be appreciated. I'm dry shrinking with the soap method if that matters.

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I start off with just a paper towel and low heat to arrange the fingers then I switch to a yellow hard card it's a double sided one both sides are the same

Use a towel with your hardcard maybe? That helps with the creasing.

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