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Tint tacking too fast, lil chizler, and smudges under tint

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Beginner Having a few issues. Tint is tacking too fast, having lots of trouble after i lock top down and roll the window up, cant get tint to slide into the sides and bottom. (Acura tsx 2011) Using distilled water, j&j, and maxpro maxjet pro film. Also, Ive heard of people using the lil chizler but ive never had any success with it, im not sure how to use it or how to heat spots or contamination out. Also in the pics i will attach, there are alot of smudges behind my tint, cant figure out why. Is it because its taking me so long to get the sides tucked that my solution is drying and leaving smudging? You can really see it from the inside with the light behind it, looks awful





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42 minutes ago, Stewy said:

Stop using J&J, go to the dollar store and buy the cookie monster or big Bird baby shampoo. Use more solution so that it can slide better. The picture is a max pro product..


Is the cookie monster stuff any better? Why not regular j&j

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J&J has extra ingredients that you don't need and causes the gunk. With off brand shampoo, it's less. You notice how when you clean your bottle there is a thick slime in your tube? (:loser) Well the off brand shampoo doesn't have that. I like the cookie monster one because the smell is not as strong as the big bird. The big Bird gives me headaches. The big plus, is that it is cheaper.

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