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Tinttek w/ a Mac book pro or not


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Anybody know if the program and computer are compatible or I need something with windows? Also wondering about a reliable small plotter for mainly cutting sides....vent visors have finally worn me down enough to consider using a plotter again. Sold my 40" DGI years back and don't miss the bulkiness of it but the convenience I do miss. Thanks. 


Also so don't know if a MacBook Pro has the plug in needed for most plotters??

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i asked them a year or so ago when i had to replace my computer and they said no go on macbooks. acouple months ago they moved me to a cloud based software, and said their moving everyone to that because of issues with windows 10. maybe now it could be compatible? sure would be nice, i would love to switch to mac when this computer bites the dust within the next year.  i would hit them up

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I have been told that since the Tinttek program is based on a version of Flexi pro that Macs are not allowed. Only windows computers i have are because of Tinttek..It would be a awesome to move in that direction away from Windows. 

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