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Best quality Residential tint for Cheap

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Im just starting to install tint on residential properties. I am learning slowly having only did one home and then neighbors seen it so... I bought Llumar for that house, since it was my first time but it's a little pricey. Are there any other brands out there that are still good quality? The neighbor that wants it done is just doing it to resell her house so she doesn't want necessarily high quality. She's just looking to replace the old tint that's peeling. Also what is common VLT%? She has 8 double hung windows measuring 36"×5'. What should I be charging to install this tint? 

Needing help,

Handy Ma'am

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Here's express dual reflective film. I've been using it for about 8 years now never once an issue. My most common are 15/25/35, with 25 being the most popular. As far as pricing goes most guys will say between 5&10 a square foot for install only. Another 2 at least for removal typically. Those numbers can vary greatly depending on numerous variables. 

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