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What film should I use?

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Hello everyone,


I need advice. I want to start tinting on the side, what tint film to you guys recommend me to use? I have used Suntek and Express window films. It seems that most tint shops in my area use Suntek. I've been thinking of starting with their Carbon. Is this a good film? any fading through out time? I just want to use a film that wont get me customers coming back because of fading. At work, I work with Xpel black and that times I used Express NS Classic charcoal it feels very similar to Xpel. Same question, How good is Express window films? I like Suntek because it is easy to shrink but very flimsy and easier to crease. I like express film because it feels similar to Xpel. The only down side of working with Xpel it seems that I get peanuts in vehicles that I dont usually get when I use Suntek. Would I have the same issues with express films on these certain vehicles?

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Between those two I'd personally go with the Express. I've sampled the Suntek and found it scratches waaaaay too easily for me. The express has a solid reputation and history for holding up even in harsher climates. I use xpel and feel like in my experience the express has a slightly (and I mean slightly) more aggressive adhesive but not to the point where it should really make a difference as far as peanuts are concerned but I also don't have peanut issues with Xpel, certainly not compared to the 3M I was using before. If I remember correctly I think the suntek is a slightly thinner film compared to express and xpel so that may account for you different experiences with it laying down on defroster lines without peanuts.

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