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Do all 3M films have water marks? Possible dodgy store install.

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Hey guys


I had an installer quote me for 3M ceramic tint AU$530 which I paid. After the install I found only the two front windows of my car had 3M logos.  The front was 20%, the back was 35% and they appeared to be installed differently.  The front two windows had loads of bubbles even 3 hours later, the back and rear window had no bubbles.  Looked like totally different tinting application.  


i was told It was all 3m ceramic tint.  Do all the 3m tints including older none ceramic ones have the 3M logo?  Cause I’m thinking this store put on Suntek for 2/3 if the car and charged me 3M rates.  


Thank you, I hope it was ok for a customer to ask this here.  I know this is more for professionals in the trade to hang out.  Delete if not allowed.

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IMO, if they would had used the same line of 3M film all around, it should have had the logo on there. If they would had cleaned off the logo form the back, they would have done the front ones as well.  If you can find a performance meter, the films should be pretty close in performance front and back, otherwise, your presumption might be right.

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