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What did you un-Dent today?

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Thought I would put some fresh energy in this corner of the forum.


This was a sweet goose egg when I started. Went around and freshened up the rest of the pannels after the hood was finished.



Who's next? Gotta be some more pannel pounders on the TD

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Here was an easy fix. Local guy building a van to park down by the river managed to run a screw into the wall in the same place on both sides. Small fixes like this aren't too complicated and really add up over the course of a year. 20211008_164914_HDR.jpg.47dacfb554cdea66e52409e47c682dc9.jpg20211008_173539.jpg.61f31be28a7964b1f481516aeb462960.jpg20211008_171642_HDR.jpg.93a0249976ca4b854accdda9af7971cd.jpg20211008_173514.jpg.6b0c7562c7197fc90c20fa27a955b9b3.jpg

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