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"20 Useless Things at Car Dealerships"

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Found this article disparaging most of the stuff we do. :lol


To be fair the article suggests getting aftermarket stuff from other than the dealer, but some of the stuff they make sound shady.


Don’t Get Suckered Into Paying for These 20 Useless Things at Car Dealerships



Dent Protection

Like windshield protection and key protection, a long line of little-known and sometimes-shady third-party companies offer dent and ding coverage to dealers as an upsell to push on their customers. These companies sell the plans for $300-$500 to the dealer, who then sells the plan to unsuspecting buyers for anywhere from $600-$1,500 -- pure profit for no work. The dealer also has no further responsibility and doesn't aid processing claims. You get an 800 number to call to deal with a company you've probably never heard of before. You'll likely have little or no say in who fixes your car, and you'll almost certainly learn that there's plenty that isn't covered.



WTF is so shady about dent removal?



Paint protection can cost several hundred dollars and it's almost never worth the expense.





Window Tints/Clear Protection

You might be in the market for window tints or clear UV protection, but don't let the dealer sell it to you as an add-on. Chances are they don't do the work themselves and instead farm it out to the lowest bidder.


Ouch :lol 

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I guess their not wrong about the markups. Sounds a little salty tho. Some folks will gladly pay the markup just to not deal with chasing down a tech and having a solid door to walk in if something heads south.


I know a guy doing some of the pdr claims on the east coast. He says if people remember that they bought coverage that it's not a terrible deal, especially if they wait till trade in time. 


The writer should look at the markup on insulin or sunglasses if he really wants something to complain about.



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