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Rear door peeling


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I've not had that issue. Are you pulling the sweep out?


If not maybe round the corner a little more, put a bit more pressure on a blue conqueror and leave a triangle in there with a paper towel to soak up moisture. I usually do the doors first and leave the door locks rolled until I finish the rest of the job. 


That's my best guesses and remedies.

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Never had it on a Tesla but we did have it in the same spot on a couple of G37s. The bottom rubber is most likely hitting the edge of the film and peeling it up. If cutting the film right at the rubber guide, what Dano said will most likely be the solution. Only other option is to tuck more film behind the rubber.

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Those G37s /350Zs were so tight I remember pulling the panel and laying the film so far down the glass.


I'm glad the weather/terrain is too harsh to see those out here.


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