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  1. Selling a vinyl express q42 works well, currently set up for window tint Just got a Roland so I don’t have room for this one. located in Fontana CA i can ship at Your expense. depending on where your at freight may cost from $300 and up. I have shipped plotters before to the east coast for around $550 so it just depends where you are. give me a call or text 909-775-6199 cash only or Zelle. No trades so please do not ask this is a great machine Will upload photos
  2. Anyone? Will provide my own freight.
  3. I purchased the vinyl express q42 which is a copy of the graphtec. Definitely a learning curve. I later purchased a gcc Jaguar and I love this plotter compared to the q42/graphtec. the Jaguar was way easier to use and way easier to fine tune in my opinion.
  4. I have a q42 vinyl express plotter for 2500 bucks I am in Fontana ca
  5. As far asi know it’s either monthly fee or one time payment for 1 year
  6. what do you plan on using it for? Window Tint? or graphics
  7. Does anyone know what kind of sales solar fx has for Black Friday.? trying to decide if I should order film now or wait if they have sales on film.
  8. That foo is a dick, shouldn’t be on forums if he’s just going to be acting like that
  9. I wouldnt waiste the money on something like that for window tint. One thing I have learned with plotters is they are real precise when it comes to window tint. Not any plotter can track window film since its so thin. I would wait until you can afford a graphtec or roland. You get what you pay for. Those plotters are probably great for vinyl, not so much for tint.
  10. Contact button in solar fx web site. They replied to me right away and already made my first purchase