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one down

Guest tint rookie

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Guest Sprinter

um, the use of infered to see how many people are in the car or the bull horn and order them all out of the car and to the rear of the car you know place their hands on the trunk and spread em.

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Guest redgtxdi

Ya, the excuses are pretty pathetic to me.

So what do they do if they come up to a panel van???

What about big rigs???

What about a bobtail??

Maybe they all need to have access portholes bored through the backs now so cops can see what's going on inside??

Always an excuse!!!

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Guest Al-tint

?If we have a vehicle we have a reason to stop it would jot be prudent for our officers to walk up to the vehicle like they used to do. How they are going to compensate for that remains unseen,? said McCrea.

Can't spell or figure out how to deal with a dark vehicle. It is not rocket science you idiots.

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