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A few pics of my Reef tank

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Guest nautiboi73
Had to take 2 dozen pics just to get these few good ones :thumb

Mdog would love to take pics for you, he is OUR NEW PHOTO GUY :lol6

that is nice TD. makes my 10 gal look like, well a 10 gallon :beer

do you know all of their names, I see brian and ricordia.

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goood god how many grand are invested in something like that :thumb

It wasn't that bad, it's just a 20 gallon that we built slowly, so it wasn't that expensive :beer

There's a an open brain, lots of mushrooms, some zoanthids, a ricordia, a small pulsing zenia and some star polyps. Two clown fish, a watchman gobi, a fire shrimp and a banded shrimp along witha bunch of hermit crabs. :lol6

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