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ladder choice ?

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What ladders do most of you guys use on average for tinting? Just not sure if I want to do away with the 12' A frame and just go with a little giant. I still like the A frames for certain reasons. I think there was already a thread about ladders used in the business. Back when I worked for a tinting company all we used were one 12' one 10' one 8' and two 6' A frame ladders. We had 3 vans. Also 2 small step ladders and maybe 2 diff size ext. ladders. We did alot of res/com installs year round. We had the two A frames and the two ext ladders on the ladder rack then all the other ones slid in the back of the van that we customized ourselves and made shelving that held ladders horz. 72" filmhandler is a must.

Wish I had pictures to show you the setup, worked out pretty good. I would love to see pictures of everyones vehicles they use for tinting.

Happy New Year 07


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Guest dave1290

I really love the flexibility of the Little Giant (LG) ladders. I carry the M22 & M26 and can hit just about anything. A bit heavy but now they even have wheels avail. The extra stability is well worth it! :beer

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Guest Tintin' Magician

Fo' real, I love my lil' giant! :lol2 I don't trust the gorilla ladders in extension :lol2 and even though it's a lil' bit heavy the only thing that sucks about carrying it is going up stairs. Every thing else though, it's awesome! :beer

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I have the Werner 13 foot, very similar to the Little Giant but for price, and I use it for 95% of the houses that I tint. I have only had a couple jobs that would require anything longer.

What I love most about this ladder is that it fits in the floor behind the seat of my Cavalier and I can carry it with me all the time.

It is very sturdy and I am not a bit afraid to have it out at full length.

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I have a little giant and a 6,4,and 2 step ladders. I want to get a 12 extension ladder that goes 24 at full extension. I have used them before and with the wall brace's that are adjustable to different widths man you cant beat em. My LG goes 24 extension and 12 Aframe, but it is way to heavy to be pulling all the way out in someones house that has 10,000 vase's sittin everywhere, aswell as all kinds of other breakables that are worth more then I want to spend on them.

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