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Some vinyl graphics

Guest Terrapin

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Guest Terrapin

I don't tint much where I work right now (just tint on the side). I'm the signs and graphics guy. Here's some of the stuff I've been doing lately.

I wouldn't put any of it on any vehicle of my own. I prefer nothing but shiny black paint on my cars.

This was my own design.


This 50+ year old woman wanted purple and black flames. Show me the money and I'll do anything you want.


Just a flag on the roof of a mini.


Did this Matrix for a Toyota dealer. All I had to go on was a screen capture from a promotional DVD they had.


This one was copied from a car this kid saw on the internet.


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Guest tintsem

Damn!!I need to start taking my dig. to work and take some pics for you all to see. I flamed a boat yesterday. Came out pretty sweet.

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