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Guest Diamond Tints
the yellow packet ones... and yes... Not as good as before, but I think its the films rather than the blades, cos I found an old packet of them, and there just the same...

Not as good as before, but there just the same :imok:lol2:dunno Man im f'n confused

De Ja Vu :dunno:lol2


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Guest filmslayer
I have always use olfa stainless but lately seems they don't seem to cut as well as they used to :dunno

same here ! I liked them when they came in the white pack ...

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what kind of blades you folks using?

im getting to many windows that are getting scratched when we are cutting, I dont know if its the blades or what. :dunno

I had a problem with scratching for a short time. It turned out I was pressing too hard, now I don't have any problem. I also don't double cut matrix windows anymore, that was causing scrathes too. I actually just picked up a 50pk of olfas today.

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