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nickel sulfide inclusion

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here's a very interesting article mentioning safety film and NSI


and yet another dealing with auto glass


heres an example of failure in a structure causing injury:


I have nightmares about tinting a hirise and the glass giving way and me falling out of the building, let me tell you, it sucks to wake up every morning dreaming about tinting, then having to go do it, then coming home to run a website about tinting, then dreaming about it, then etc etc etc

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td I almost died my first day tinting. I was doing the delaware trust building.a 30 + story high rise . I was on like the 25 26 27 floor .just scraping the glass going along like nothing . pretty big windows maybe 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. I was leaning on the glass the whole time. because im a lil guy . and had to reach the top of it .well when I got to like the 50th or 60th lite I leaned on it a litttle and it swung open. thank god I only leaned a litttle . and didnt put my weight on it. cuz I would have fell right out . I jumped off the heat register with my heart pounding. damn that scared me . needless to say from now on I check the windows. before I get to em

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