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Buyers Remorse

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I recently had a customer that was refered to me by the Mercedes Dealership in town. I sold her on Wincos & we tinted every window on the car. Including the entire windshield and panoramic roof. I've been useing Wincos for about 5 years now and I've never had a single customer complain about it's performance. It is my top selling film also. I discounted it 25% as a favor for the dealership, whom we do alot of work for. When she picked up the car she was in love with how it looked and with our shop! She was obviously very thrilled, as was her friend. As she was paying for it, happily, her friend mentions that she tried to talk her out of coming to my store because her husband has been using a tinter for several years that they were very happy with. But she says that she will be bringing her next car to me because she was so impressed with our work and customer service.

Well, a week later my customer calls and is complaining about the performance of the film. Says it doesn't feel like its blocking any heat! I feel like her husband found out she spent $500 on a tint job & is not happy. I find it impossible she doesnt' feel any heat rejection!! She is haveing buyers remorse so i try to reassure her. After beating around the bush for 20min. she finally ask for a refund on the windshield. I told her very nicely no.

My question is... What do ya'll do/say in this situation?

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They probably got used to the film being on the glass. This is common.

The only way to prove that is to pull film from a window and ask the customer if the unfilmed window feels the same as one of the filmed windows. Make this offer... If they can prove that the film is not working better than clear glass then give them a refund, if they cannot, then they have to pay to get the piece of film put back on. I have never seen a customer win this challenge. :D

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Guest Technicstint.com

Well she came in yesterday & totally changed her attitude. She basically just didnt like the cut-out around the Registration & Inspection stickers. So i removed it in about 7 seconds and sent her on her way with 50$. WOMEN!!! I really didnt want to give her anything but a HIGH Hard ONE, but i did make good money & i feel like she is still happy and willing to refer my shop. We will see?

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People are wild, do you offer Life Time warranty? I could never have the balls to ask for something for free clearly on a lie - heat lamp that thing!!!

You did what is best for yo as one big mouth malcontent in this day and age can cause too much noise.

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      How do you handle unreasonable customers? how would you handle this?

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      How do you handle unreasonable customers? how would you handle this?

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      How do you handle unreasonable customers? how would you handle this?

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      How do you handle unreasonable customers? how would you handle this?

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