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A body shop just is asking me for Digishield......

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Hi everyone.  First time post, long time lurker here....  


I have been in the PPF business for around 15 yrs. I started out with 3M, tried Venture, and for the last few years have been set up with Xpel's DAP as a certified install facility.


I have a local body shop that sends me all their clear bra instals.  One of their customer cars had been protected with Digishield material (full bumper, part hood/fenders).   The customer damaged her car and now will need the film replaced after the repairs are complete.  She is asking that Digishield be used to replace the original film.  


I have called Digishield to get some of their film and they seemed reluctant to deal with me.  Their website seems to be geared only towards setting up accounts with Auto dealerships.   I initially talked to whoever answered the phone and left a msg, for the rep for my area.   Several days later this rep did return my call.   I described what I was trying to accomplish and she seemed to not know how to make it happen.   I  sometimes get samples of film from other brands to try and thought that they also, would likely be willing to send a sample.  Knowing that a normal length of sample material would not be enough I offered to purchase all or some of what I would need.   She said she would have to talk to her manager........     Never heard back.     Her response still strikes me as odd....


So, since I seem to have struck out with the manufacturer, is there anyone here that might have Digishield they would be willing to sell to me?



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Doubt it. It's an in-house program company. You would have to first find a dealership that is offering it, connect with one of the installers there, and then try to get some of the material from them. Tough situation. I would say that the body shop shouldn't really care that it be Digishield film, but the insurance company might be demanding that it be replaced with the same company's film that was originally installed. Let us know how it goes as this might be a sign that the insurance companies are putting more restrictions on replacement. Has anyone else had a similar situation happen just with another brand of film? Good luck with your search.

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Let them know Digishield does not make a film. It's just a business model program for dealers. All the film they use is just reboxed. They are better off going with a film that is readily available like Xpel for any warranty issues in the future.

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Don't do much clearbra,, but have been dealing with(removing) DigiFilm for many years.   :wall   


I deal with it out of Southeast Toyota Distributors LLC which is a dealership conglomeration somewhere in south Florida(i think).  Cheap a$$ film with bad installs on every Toyota coming off the boat at port.  


I didn't realize they had expanded into clearbra as well.  You can bet it will be the cheapest material out there.  Good luck with Digishield guys.  :facepalm2

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Thanks for the replies...

To be clear, it is not the body shop or the insurance company asking for Digishield (I truly think that they couldn't care less),  it is the car owner telling the body shop what she wants.  I will attempt talking her into a better film.  It seems that She is very "sold" on Digishield, but I will see what I can do.

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I was always under the impression that digishield was buying film from a third party and getting "private label" film and rebranding it. They do not have any film specifications on their website except they state its 6 mil. Just from reviewing their website they seem shady to me and I wouldn't buy their product or their patterns without knowing what their story really is. Good luck with it. Out of curiosity how has the film held up? Any swirl marks or bug etchings?

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I have yet to install any of their film.   I have seen both fresh and older installs that the local dealership has done..   Initial impressions of a fresh install are good (clear, flat, nice sheen).   It just doesn't seem to weather well.   It gets hazy and dull faster than I'm used to.   It looks "cheap" real fast.

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