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Premium Shield

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Did not like this at all.


Weak Adhesive and ripped super easy. If you use too much alcohol it curls and loses all adhesive, almost turns into a over priced saran wrap.  


The clarity seemed fine on a pearl white car,  a little orange peely, I could live with that if it actually stuck to the paint.


Used Rapid Prep and a Clay bar to prep.


Have 2.5 hours into this ting after it tore on the hood.


will not be stocking this

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Sounds like:


a.) It could be defective




b.)  the install solutions you are using might need a little tweaking to adjust for a different adhesive than you are used to.


As a competing manufacturer, I certainly don't have anything to gain by you using their product.  I just think that with the number of people out there successfully installing it, there may be some changes in the way that it is being installed (or a replacement piece) that would yield better results.



You might see if Jaime has any feedback on this.  He's been known to drop in here from time to time.

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I would have to go with Jeff on this one. Out of Xpel, Suntek, and Premium Shield I would have to say Premium Shield has the strongest adhesive during install.IMHO 

Just a FYI I don't use Premium Shield on a daily. I went through about 3 full rolls of it trying it out. Not my favorite, but I would still call it a top film in whats out today.

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Again I would have to side with Jeff, weak adhesive and quick to tear are not words that I would use to describe Premium Shield.


For the record I primarily use Suntek, which in my opinion probably has the weakest adhesive out of the three films mentioned above with the Xpel adhesive being a little stronger than Suntek but no where near as strong as Premium Shield and maybe a little easier to tear than Suntek.


I would like to add here that these are my findings and in no way am I rubbishing any of the films. I personally think that we are getting into the realms of diminishing returns with the films in as much that there isn't really that much to separate what to my mind are the top three films (suntek, xpel and premium shield).


In fact for me the holy grail would be a film that was as user friendly and flat as Suntek, with quality and depth of the pattern base of Xpel and the overall strength of Premium Shield.



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thanks for correcting the statement. With every film, there is usually a "secret sauce" that the manufacturer can recommend. With our adhesive, it loves moisture. So if you go heavy on the soap, it will absorb that and you will have a tough time getting it to stick even if you try to flush it out with an alcohol solution. Once you find the right ratio in your sprayer, you'll get it to work in your favor just about every time. As far as tearing the film, not really sure what caused that from the install as it is actually pretty difficult to tear the film. If you have any other questions about the product, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for the criticism guys and we will continue to work on the product to make it better every chance we get.

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Premium shield is terrible compared to others on the market. yeah its strong but it has a massive problem with peeling back (we needed to keep vehicles overnight to make sure nothing peeled back, compared to other brands). 

The customer support though is the let down....well I guess it can't be a let down if it never really existed in the first place right?


The reps, once giving us the aggressive sale of best best best and some training just somewhat disappeared, multiple phone calls only to be greeted with 'errrrr, That's the other guys problem' or 'we'll sort that out now' (empty promises) or week to months long wait for emails (actually still waiting to hear back from them and that was over 6 months ago).


Compared to what we use now, it was an all round dismal effort with PS on all fronts.


We can complete a car now in 6 hours and having that advantage of actually talking to someone right then and there is stunning.


I'd avoid the shit out of PS

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