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2015 Chrysler 200 installation tips


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Tips for tinting the 2015 chrysler 200


1. remove bolt behind interior door handles and pull back on top of door panel, will allow access to remove sweeps. (easy)

2. (viewing from the back seat) rear brake light can be removed by lifting up under front lip, there are 3 clips holding front down, 2 slides at the back. There is a very short wire attached to left side of brake light, disconnect wire (for me this wire pulled of the assembly when i tried to pull it out, may have to work at it if this is not normal). When installing I needed to disassemble the unit (has two 15 torx screws), attach the wire then reassemble it using just the bit with my fingers (tight space). Brake light slides back in easy. Should take about 5 minutes with practice..

3. headrests removable

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