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starting to believe all film is a lie!!

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The biggest lies in our industry


  • Architectural - Low-E Films. Low-E films are over-rated in temperate regions. It just works for the first hour or few minutes. Low-E films are not as thick as Low-E glass with the luxury of vacuum spacer. There is no significant energy-savings unless the results are manipulated. Just ask the residential customers who used V-Kool for the past decade, it was a big lie that saw the original owners raking in multi-millions. Home owners are better off getting a traditional dual-reflective or reflective tint.
  • Safety Films - Bomb Blast/Impact Tests. Many brands are known to submit cured test samples with unreasonably thick adhesive coatings for third-party testings that will look horrible when used on shopfronts.
  • Automotive - UV100% or UV400. Chinese con men promote a UV 100% reduction film at a specific wavelength eg. 400-410nm, which most portable UV meters measures. Their UV reduction is not necessarily consistently above 99% across the whole UV-B and UV-C wavelength. In addition, their technology uses a vulnerable type of UV absorber which deteriorates faster than Japanese UV absorbers based on SPF (which indicates durability of UV reduction capability). They didn't warn the Melanoma patients that they need to re-do the films every 1-2 years to maintain the UV reduction.
  • PPF - Non-Yellowing TPU. There is no such thing as a non-yellowing TPU if you are from a harsh climate like Arizona or India. TPUs turn yellow as fast as one year unless you use another polymer. Many brands simply mark-up their selling prices sufficiently so that they can cover your yellowing-warranty claims within the expected lifespan of your car.
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1 hour ago, texassunshade said:

Maybe you should stop tinting.


Just kidding




If you want a dye-free film (nothing wrong with dyed films as long as the dye quality is high), then look at Huper Optik.  Their Xtreme is a traditional dyed film, but Performa, Ceramic, and Drei/Sech are not.

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