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Computer program to calculate amount + widths needed

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I recently completed a 5000 sq ft job, and did a fairly good job ordering the right amount of the different widths to complete - I didn't want to over-order and end up with lots of film left over. So I got what I figured would get me through most of the way, and then could order more at the end. I had to order enough, at the very end, to cut out THREE windows! (job had close to 400) So that all worked out well, but I was thinking how nice it would be to have a program, or app or whatever, which could calculate how much to order. With all the different heights, widths, # of panes etc, it can be very hard to know on a really big job, you know? So any thoughts?


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I build my windowsin a graphics program and lay them out on the "film" to build a cut sheet. 


Not a 5000 ft2 job though. 


FTI had the program "proposal generating system" that I think gave you a good idea of film usage.  That was years ago and was locked to their film. 

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Tried Microsoft Excel?


Google sheets ?


Open office?


Build  columns and rows to your needs . You could add drop downs for various films and their widths


You will still have to do the leg work on site or through drawings to count them though.

Some software like Adobe Acrobat have settings to export measurements to excel . Care needs to be taken to ensure measurements are "true to scale" before you get carried away with the measure tool.


No nerds on staff?


Check out Mr Excel



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I just use Excel... I have a spreadsheet that figures out the sq/ft and linear feet.. not all is done automagically though. But it works for my needs.  I need to add a film handler to it - that would make things even easier. :thumb



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I know the App “InfoZone” from Hanita it´s a good Tool what i used with my iPhone. 

What i like is you can calculate the Job and sende it your selve per email. 

It calculates the amount of roll‘s You need for the job.


I tried also excel bud i can’t figured out the lenght and amount of (30,5m) roll’s.

So for my daily Business jobs i calculates with excel for Square Meters for the Film and lenghts meter for the sealing.


This year we finished our biggest Job here in good Old Germany with 2500 qm sunprotection external Film.

We had luck on it because we had all the same size of windows. Bud we have to remove first the old one‘s.


The rolls were precuted all to the same size so we only have to cut the lenght for each Window.

The Building has 17th storeys and only one!! External Lift that only two guys can work at the same time.


I take a Look to mr.excel but there is nothing for me.


Sorry for my bad english.


I send you some pictures of the job on Pinterest.





Have a nice day.

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