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“Adverising” film removal

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Me being a one man crew and only tinting on weekends and in spare time I get 90% of business thru Facebook. Anytime I do removal i’ll take pics and post them however I don’t really advertise them cause I don’t wanna do them all the time. 


Just a random question, are you guys for or against posting stuff like that for any reason? I’ve made a few posts about removals and now feel like maybe it would steer people away from film completely even though I explain “this $h!t film vs. our color stable film with a lifetime warranty.”   Explained in more professional manner than that of course :lol


you guys think that’s good for business or bad? 

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Those both look like good professional business boosters. 


I thought about wording mine “stay away from the auto parts tint jobs!” Because I know a few guys around screwing people. Charging shop rates to tint someone’s car with Gila. Maybe they should do some research first I guess :dunno

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I don't advertise removing or "fixing" poor quality tint jobs because I don't want to get a bunch of removals.  As far as I am concerned, all those customers can go to another shop.  The few we do get, our price scares most of them away so maybe do 1 a month.  However, I do take photos of failed tint jobs as I see them on the road and post those to remind people not to get cheap window tint.  So use it as more of a preventative than offering to replace it.

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