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Question about water for slip

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I have been tinting for a little over 4 years now. I just recently moved into a new shop for a little more room. Here lately I have been having a lot of debris show up in my tint jobs. That being said when i was at my last shop i had a filtration system on 1 sink i would get my water out of to mix my slip solution. I never had this much trouble with debris getting in my film. I use the same system at the new place. I have a hose on my utility sink that goes through 3 filters thats runs to a hose bib for me to fill my bottles up. Its nothing fancy with the filters nor is it an expensive filtration system but it worked really well before. I use baby shampoo and water for my slip. I clean my spray bottles every night when i am done. I have cleaned my windows the same way every time and never have had an issue like this. The debris looks like little white pieces but when i pull the film its like a soft goo. Ive changed all my bottles out and even changed baby shampoo out. I am still getting the debris in the film. Can someone please inform me of a good filtration system. The only thing i can come up with is this water is harder or has more crap in it from where i was. Any help would be thankful

 I can wrap a lint free towel around the tip of the spray bottle and it decreases it a lot. 

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Not sure how much water you use per day, but in my opinion switching to gallon distilled water is the only way to go.  By myself I am at 2 - 4 gallons a day.  At about $ .80/gal.  Zero issues when I switched and slip works way more consistently.  

you could also buy a distilling machine Used for around $400 And do at least 4 gal a day yourself. 

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At first i thought it was the air in the shop. It is climate controlled and this is the first time for me. I would shut the air down and go old school in the heat. still would come out the same. So i tried putting a lint free towel over the front of my spray bottles. It cleaned up the debris a lot. I am baffled with this. The only thing i can come to is the water. I will try getting me a couple of gallons of water and see how that works. 

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I'm wondering if the debris found may be lanolin deposits from your use of baby shampoo that is coating the inside of the sprayer.


My other not so likely suspect is mineral deposits from the water.


Try a new sprayer out using distilled water and Tintslime.

Works like baby shampoo without the baby shampoo shmoo.




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I stopped using baby shampoo all together because it was causing a similar issue, J&J have changed the formula and so has the Parents choice from Walmart.  I got myself a clear glass with no design, put cold water, put hot water and put shampoo in it and left it for some days.  I was right, the shampoo was getting milky in the water so it led me to believe it was the shampoo.  It also would leave residue inside the walls of my bottles.  Now I use the SolarGard Stick and Slip and got brand new bottles.  Don't have the issue anymore. 

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So here is an update on my situation. I took 2 samples of water to pool places. Took 1 to one place and the other to another place.Both places came back real close to be the same. The water in my new shop is crap... It was crazy the things they told me that were in it. And my old shop was on a well and never had this trouble. So looking into some better filtration systems now. So as of now i have been buying distilled water and mixing it with baby shampoo. I have not been having any trouble since. I have tried Joy and Dawn before and just didn't like the way it didn't give me the slip i was looking for. Now that could have been due to the heat in the shop. I did not have a climate controlled shop before. Its hard to believe that the simple thing of city water can cause such a problem. I will never use straight tap water again. It caused me frustration and a few of my customers that had to bring me the cars back. I stripped every window on them and redid the whole car at no cost. Didn't even think twice about it. But would like to say thank you for the advice that ya'll had given me. 

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