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Secuirty Film Bubbles

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Looking for some tips re bubbles when installing security film. After install everyhting looks great. The next day however there are numerous bubbles. Some are small enough to burn off others are not. We have tried reducing the soap to next to nothing with limited succes but positioning the film is a challenge to put it mildly. We work it as hard as we can with some success but never 100%. We haev tried extended handles for more leverage etc. etc. Is there anyhting we are missing?  Is it the soap? I heard about a "slime" slip solution. Woudl that help?  ANy thoughtsor tips would be greatly appreciated. 


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Less slip is best . Just enough to position .


Eat your Wheaties before installation .

SLOW DOWN !!!!  Pretend its your job to remove ALL the water/slip solution !!  Oh wait ...IT IS YOUR JOB!!

The faster you go, the more "hydro planing " happens leaving slip solution behind.

Use a  solid blue blade squeegee no more than 6" wide .


HORIZONTAL PASSES ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vertical passes leave trails water will follow causing blisters.

Horizontal leaves no place for water to flow.

Water pressure at any depth is the same in a slip trail , fish tank or the lake. It will push the film off the glass!!


For easy alignment of your squeegee passes ,line up handle with the division between wet and dry from your last pass.

Be sure to "snowplow "at about 10° steering slip solution down the glass with each pass.

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If just water is used it will leave very small consistent water bubbles throughout the hole window. I do  a horizontal pass at the top and then a vertical pass down the center and then work my way out to the sides, not always to the edge if you are trimming the film, just up to were the film is lifting of the glass so not to push the water to the frame and causing contamination issues . If you are trimming the film. Then I wet the film with a mist of slip and then I start at the bottom and do horizontal passes at 70% overlapped passes. Keeping the edge of the film and frame dry as I do so. When I get to the top and done I run a white  teflon card around all of the edges of the film at a 45 degree angle to remove any remaining water trapped on the edge. Mist the window and squeegee it clean and dry the edges and the frame and done. If you feel the need go back after awhile and look at the window any water left behind do so on angle and see if you see any bubbles and if so push them out.

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