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New Toyota Venza

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Not what I meant to input above.


I’m not sure if the plastic razor blades will work to remove the factory alarm stickers on the front doors & rear radio sticker?  That is the only Toyota model I leave the stickers on when tinting.  I also don’t press my Gilmore sprayer against the glass when doing the bottom half.

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I got lucky.  First window i did was one of the front door port windows. I could feel my red dot dragging when I trimmed the seal. Any damage was hidden by outer seal.  You are gonna get one clean chance at thst seal so sharp blade and make it count if you are gonna trim.  


Heat gun the alarm sticker, pick back with finger nail.  Right temp and all the glue is coming off, assuming new sticker. 


I had a few glue spots that I used a plush microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol and wiped away, again keeping glue workable with heat gun.  It's cold here so summer sun would be enough heat really. 


Tint slime wipe down with same micro towel. Blue max glass to clean. Install film. 







This is for the first one you do.  After the first one, send the rest down the road.  I'm all ready not happy about having 4 windows out there with my warranty attached to this future shiz show.   Actually, no, my lulu kung fu is strong.  I'm worried they are gonna peg it with their seat belt and want it replaced 

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