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  1. Likemytintz

    2018 ES 350

    They aren't not hard to tint its pleasing the nit picking customer that owns the car. One little speck and your done son. I would charge double as soon as I hear that L word.
  2. I found out the hard way as well.
  3. That about right. I sure hope it dries. Our Supra program was down our tech says . So the customer is coming back in 3 days.
  4. Just tinted 2020 supra. Easy car ,I pulled the top portion of panels back and removed gaskets. Snapped right back together fine. Customer was super happy. Leaves and returns 10 minutes later with a passenger restraint warning light coming on. I work for a Toyota dealership. Never had this happen on any other car. This is my first supra I've tinted though. Please help!
  5. If its just streaks, dont rub them lightly, pat dry and use low heat to dry. Now for the secret ..... Peanut oil or popcorn oil . lightly rub on a thin coat and your good to go. The peeling seems to only occur when wet and rubbed hard with a cloth and i dont think you can fix that.
  6. Likemytintz


  7. I use plotter 90% of the time. Reason I do they are supposed to save time and film. They are always updating patterns to be more precise. I always sync all patterns once a week, because they do have flaws in a lot of them. I had SG cut program but switched to Llumar it's not been the best decision so far, simply for all the small flaws in popular patterns.
  8. Be extra cautious. What appears to be an easy $ is just an illusion. These have one piece gaskets, felt and suede everywhere. On the 08 A8L the regulator cable and metal end actually touch glass causing vertical streaks, or tearing of tint. The doors have these cute little Audi emblems that shine on the ground at night. Rip the tiny wires out of that red connector and your done. I will call in sick next time. The owners are usually picky as hell. Their mad bc they didn't have the $ for that Benz. Can't even afford Audi or the $200 for window tint. So they settle for An 08 POS!