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  1. Find a easy test car like a new Nissan Maxima or a newer Camaro and learn to shrink on those cars. Super easy. Dry shrink using the H pattern. Use a quality heat gun, white cotton gloves and a heat resistant card (I prefer a gold hard card). Shrink one finger at a time from outer edge in.
  2. 1/8 gap or charge extra to file or shave the edges.
  3. It was my last hope at getting out of a hot warehouse job at a auto glass shop and into a climate controlled shop. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a tinter that’s for sure. I was the last one the boss offered the job to and the only one to accept the offer . It’s just like joining the mafia once your in you never come out. The only job I’ve had were one hour I might make $100 or $1000 it’s a crazy life.
  4. I get this almost on every older vehicle i tint with darker film. It brings out even the smallest exterior surface scratches. Almost certain its not the tinters fault here.
  5. I tint for a Toyota dealership and had to learn this the hard way. These windows are easily scratched and costly to replace if damaged. NO RAZOR BLADES or any harsh solvents etc .
  6. Its never too late to learn a new trick. Bottom loading is the ticket to a fast clean tint job.
  7. Any newer camaro or maxima are my favorites super easy cars
  8. Just wondering if anyone has seen the black thin tape on the front edge of the front two windows? Ive tried everything and tinting over it and heat gunning it down seems to be the best option. Anyone else on here run into one please fill me in on how it turns out.
  9. They aren't not hard to tint its pleasing the nit picking customer that owns the car. One little speck and your done son. I would charge double as soon as I hear that L word.
  10. I found out the hard way as well.
  11. That about right. I sure hope it dries. Our Supra program was down our tech says . So the customer is coming back in 3 days.
  12. Just tinted 2020 supra. Easy car ,I pulled the top portion of panels back and removed gaskets. Snapped right back together fine. Customer was super happy. Leaves and returns 10 minutes later with a passenger restraint warning light coming on. I work for a Toyota dealership. Never had this happen on any other car. This is my first supra I've tinted though. Please help!
  13. If its just streaks, dont rub them lightly, pat dry and use low heat to dry. Now for the secret ..... Peanut oil or popcorn oil . lightly rub on a thin coat and your good to go. The peeling seems to only occur when wet and rubbed hard with a cloth and i dont think you can fix that.
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