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How long does it take you to shrink a BG?

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How long does it take you pro's to shrink a back glass on a GTO/Grand-am/Mustang ??? Takes me about an hour to do my friends GTO. I'm starting to understand how the film shrinks and moves when shrinking but it just takes a long time. I've heard of people shrinking back glass's in less than 10 minutes. I can't see how thats possible. You can only move so fast and have to shrink so much to get it to lay flat without creasing or burning it, I just don't see how its possible. Perhaps my method is totaly off. Maybe someone can tell me a crash course?

Or.... If anyone is near the metro-detroit area and is willing to let me come watch/ease drop for a day I would LOVE it

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Guest tint rookie

double gun wet shrink a vette in les than 10 min.

avg. bout 15 min on most cars. I got faster when I quit worrying about burning my hand..... get a cotton glove soak it with slip solution (or just water.....always seem to be a spray bottle close by). ...it ill buy your hand some extra time under the gun.

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If your asking just the shrinking time (once peice is ancored ) most back glass for me is 2-3 minutes for the shrinking time also using a double gun ...the rest of the time varies depending on the car :cool

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WOW !!!!

A video would be AWESOME *hint hint*. I can give you an email if anyone is willing to do so.

I'm assuming double heat gun is 2 duck taped together. 2 guns to me would seam like it would burn the tint. My single heat gun seams to work pretty fast. I only put it on a finger less than a second and it shrinks up for me.

But still.... I don't put my hand under the gun. I heat a finger, squeegy out the finger, squeegy up another finger vertically, heat it, squeegy it out, wash rinse & repeat till window is done, but it takes me a good hour.

I use a yellow squeegy

So for you guys a back 3 glass car typically runs you about what.... 45 mins?

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don't sweat it K,

speed comes with time

stick to quality, it is worth more than speed

after a couple of years those 4 hour cars,

....................become 2 hour cars

besides there are enough imports rollin

that have much less radius to shrink

and are much quicker

after about 50 or so mustangs

....hour and a half tops, and quality work :cool

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Everybody will have a different answer to your question of speed ..a typical 4 dr car will take me 2 hrs tinting all th windows..that's with pulling panels or prepeing, pulling out gaskets, taking out rear decks,brakelights,taping/removing felts if needed, etc.

We all have our own things we do/don't do t oa vehicle :cool

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Too much risk in using a squeegee..prone to creasing an area that's not shrunk enough..a glove as suggested by Zolar or I've always just used a white scrubbie ..same idea ..it'll lay the film down and any part that's not shrunk will not crease ..it'll float to another area or you can just heat it a bit more to lay it down ...it's a "feel thing" :cool

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Kemble, are you doing it doggie syle?

Doggie with 1 glove like Michael

and you wont need a squeegee

no BS


Well, I think I am.

First I take a wash cloth and lather it up with Ivory bar soap. then I smear the back glass with it and coat it really good. I let it air dry (5-10 mins) then I place my roll on the back glass and lay it out. Cut my piece, then mark my H anchor. I then take the heat gun and lightly heat up the entire film to get sort of a pre-shrink in there. I then divide the film into quarters and work each quarter out. Those take me apx 15 mins per quarter to work out.

Am I doing it right? I've tried using just my hand but I cant lay down the film good enough. I need the squeegy. or do I?

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I then divide the film into quarters and work each quarter out.  Those take me apx 15 mins per quarter to work out.


That's a very long time for heating..I'd look at getting a better heatgun or strapping 2 together (not a choice of many but I like it)

I don't do H pattern, but if I did..it wouldn't take more than a minute for each 1/4 section .

The rest of your procedure sounds dead on :cool

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