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Anyone Heard of the following for B/G install?

Guest chip01

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Shrink back glass as per usual put pattern off the window on place on workstation (or leave on glass). Do the usual of lifting the liner from one side and misting and laying down then the other. Prepping the back glass for install then, carry the pattern with the liner attached frankie style into the car and laying on the rear shelf. At this point release the liner from the pattern from one side to completly lift off then apply to the window. Have not tried it myself but sounds like a good tip and is supposed to be really clean install. Has anyone tried it?

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Same as reverse roll... 'cept you're just no rolling up wet and unrolling onto the glass. Personally, I don't like laying film on the back deck for any reason. Interesting approach, though. :thumb

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I would think that pulling the liner off in the back deck would knock down crap from the headliner, and rear pillars. I don't even want a breeze blowing on the headliner. It would work Ok, if you pulled the deck, back seat, sides, and taped off the headliner. But I would reverse roll it and save a lot of R&R hassle or just frankencram it :thumb

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