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New York Laws

the art of tint

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Hey, just to get it straight, here in NYC, the cops have been cracking down on tint since 9/11. The law here is on a 4 door car 70% on the 4 roll downs and anything on the back glass. A member on here named Gerk made a statement that I tinted his Honda Accord with double limo tint and the windshield in 20%. Its obvious he was joking, but I've seen some comments about it. Even if I wanted to tint windshields, I could not, police here are trained to look for tinted glass including windshields, they dont tollerate that here in NYC. They even have special meters that can measure the VLT on windshields. Also the fines are extensive, cars with !llegal tint are ticketed for each window. The fine is 90$ per ticket, so if you get cought its around 500$. There are also checkpoints at every bridge or tunnel crossing, in or out of the city, there is a total of I think 23 bridges and Tunnels.

What sucks for me is that I'm tinting most cars here with Solar Gard 54%, or Huper Optik 60% to keep my customers from getting pulled over, I understand that this is !llegal, but what the heck am I going to do, change my carreer?? Just last week I had 2 customers come to me with tickets, both cars were tinted with 54% all around, both with light tan interiors, this makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

I've also heard of at least a few people getting pulled over and ticketed with suv's without aftermarket tint, the cops just put a meter on the back rolldowns and give tickets!!

Point of the story, other than doing windshields for "show cars, offroad cars, demo cars, and cars for vidio shoots." I DONT TINT WINDSHIELDS!

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Yeah...the pricks running the show are out of control.  :beer

No fkn common sense and all liberty being stripped away.  It's bullshiot.  :beer



best thing to go is start doing more flat work...the car tinting biz is out of control.

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Guest tintgod
I'm so glad I live in a state with decent laws.  I couldn't handle those jackazz laws that many states have.


:hmmm ..yeah...it would suck to be in a state with jacked up laws... :bingo

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sucks to live in a state like that.  Im with blade,  the state Im in has great laws. 

AOT, you just need to beat the gurk out of gurk.

isnt he the guy that did somethin in his sig about one of the members, and ric had to jump on him?


I'm not sure, he does say some crazy stuff, but he is nice in person.

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