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strong armed!!


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man I just have to gripe about this so now you guys get to hear this.... I did this bmw 325i. came out clean according to anyones standards except apparently this princess pretty girl ( her daddy bought her the BMW by the way) anyway the bmws have the felt along the side and at the bottom in there tight ass weatherstripping and it was brand new so this stuff was coming off all over because it had never been touched or cleaned or whatever. so I masking tape the sides and run my rag and card across the bottom a million times to try and get that stuff out of there...anyway she brings it back the next day (not giving it anytime to dry of course) and says theres a few little "specks" along the bottom. GET THIS then she looks up at her factory tintglass sunroof and says well theres no specks in there OMG!! well after explaining the history of tinting and that its an aftermarket product definately not factory tint she just stood there looking stupid so I agreed to redo the front glass ( but what do you know she wanted it darker, hmm im thinking she just didnt like the legal 70% so she looked and looked and found some "specks" so she could get me to redo her fronts) weeeellll what do you know another day later ( still never letting it dry) she finds some more microscopic "specks" along the bottom and this time wants her money back...I've been in the car customizing business for 8 years and have NEVER had anyone even ask for there money back ecspecially after I even redid it and changed shades for her. after more explaining and telling her theres no chance im giving all the money back for some tiny specks on just the front rollups she wants the xxbucks for the front or shes heading right now to small claims court...holy crap whats with this crazy b***h!!! I said im sure the judge would laugh at you for not thinking thats a professional job but if I never have to see you again heres your money...get with the gone!! sucks huh, im telling you even wet you had to be on your hands and knees 3 inches from the glass to see those things which would be completely gone when it drys anyway if you read all that thanks for keeping up and I'd like to here what you might have done...and be real because its easy to say "f**k that b***h bring me to court" until you get so annoyed by her thinking shes a big girl because daddy bought her a bmw and thinks shes in charge

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I know how you feel. I work in house for a bmw/benz dealer. my people are super picky :stop

tap water has little stuff in it . the film is applied with human hands. you need to look through it, not at it.

this is how they do it uptown! nothing worked? :evilgrin

sucks when people try to get something for nothing. some high end customers are good at it.

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Guest signjoe

I'd tell her to drop the car back to you for a "redo".......

Then strip it, refund her money and tell her to feck off and don't come back!



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