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how many jobs does it take to cover a box of film

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1/2 of a car, what size of fim do u use on most cars? 20 and 36 for back glass, or u use 40 and just cut it as well? and what kind of film are u using, dyed, colour stable dyed, or metalized?

I'm sorry I can't give away too much, I do use a quality film, I buy mostly 40" rolls, Lot's of Mercades and Bimmers. :trustme

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haha ok, do you ever run into a back glass that requires bigger size film than 36"??

I am using global 40 by 100, and cost of film --- quick dry plus., u think I should start charging enough to cover the majority cost or the full cost of the box...? whats a good number, considering I do a really good job of coarse. and the film is colour stable.

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