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Astronomy Picture of the Day


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I see a goat's head in top left corner area.... :bingo
I saw that too right away, in the top left area. Maybe more of a deer though. :lol Anyway...

Are we really supposed to gather from the likes of this image - let alone the multitude of available others - that all of creation is a mere coincidental happenstance; the byproduct of a completely invisible, nearly infinately dense, non-observed - yet relatively accepted - primordial singularity?

I am as fascinated and at the same time confounded by these things as anyone else in the matters of space, time and space-time, but the accepted practices of the extrapolation of data from what is actual, tangible scientific proof - with the means of backwardly solving a problem - is to me irresponsible and wasteful.

Sorry for the brief hijack there, but I've been wanting to get that out there for some time, not that it really matters. :lol


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