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Warranties mean nothing in this business

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Man I'm sick of a particular film company that will do everything on earth not to pay a legitimate film warranty claim.

Despite having all the documentation that could not be faulted, they have now told my client she may be not who she is and that "anyone could have written out their warranty form."

You've got to be kidding and my client is now going to take up her case with the small claims' trubunal.

Cop this....the latest thing they told my customer today before the woman hung up in her ear was that she'd have to get the original point of sale contract copy from the car yard to prove she bought it which was some years ago.

This is total BS and a pox on their houses.

God help any poor bastard who think that Scrap shines out of their arses and you use their products.

Devil not happy.

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Unreal. If that's their policy it should be public. dunno.gif

Right TD!

I won't lose the customer because in the end I'll do it right by her but it's the bloody Sungard company once again trying every peanut shell trick in the book to avoid a simple principle of paying up when it's their fault the shitt died.

OMG they must be that desperately hell bent on paying out on any film failure because they want the all mighty buck still in their greedy little pockets.

I suppose what gets up my goat is that if any of these film companies offer warranties in writing then they should be held responsible 100%.

Not palm it off on the poor client or smuck tinter left holding the baby and don't think for one minute that I'm the only one downunder with this exact situation.

If I were to research every job I have done using that manny, it would have failed just like the lady's above. :dunno


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Guest Diamond Tints
Unreal. If that's their policy it should be public. :beer

Sorry, for going bit off topic, but cant they fire off lawyers letters for bringing stuff like this up :beer Soz if this is a stupid question!!

Good to see you will do the right thing Devil :beer

As for film company, Just bad news all round with them, Have you spoke to them about it, or has the customer spoke to them??

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