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Foreign customers.

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What is it with some people?

just received a diverted call at 19.15 hours making a film enquiry and he wants cheap on a new 2014 Honda Civic. :wall

I'll never get him I can tell.

Don't they think we ever need some time to ourselves with our families long after business hours.

Rant over. :thumbdown


if it's a sedan and wants cheap I'm guessing there will be some nice gaps on those quarters
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Last one who did that to me was a Tuesday night around 8:45pm. Wanting a quote to tint a Commodore of some kind I think. (I wasn't really paying attention)

I just told him I was busy at the time and if he liked I'd be happy to call him back in a few hours...

He declined and said he'd ring back during business hours.

Lesson learned. [emoji106]

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