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any reason to pick xpel utlimate over suntek?

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I've compared both xpel ultimate and suntek side by side on the same car, same panel. The suntek film has noticeably less orange peel texture than the xpel and is also less hazy when looking under a bright spot light or direct sun. Appearance wise, its no doubt that suntek is superior. But how do the two films compare in other measures such as durability and functionality? Basically I want to know the pros/cons of both. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Xpel is a bit thicker than the suntek from my experience, so it's more protective than the suntek, and yes appearance wise, Suntek is more shinny and many of my clients goes for suntek especially super car clients.


However, I think Suntek is less 'Sticky' than Xpel, so for me, it takes longer time to get the car done, given than we don't use the gel here.

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Out of the two I find Suntek to be slightly stronger (not that there is much in it and both films tear quite easily) Xpel has the more aggressive adhesive and has slightly more orange peel. I never have a problem with Suntek not sticking so not really interested in the more aggressive adhesive, not had any complaints regarding penetration either. Having said that I produce kits for the Formula E cars as well as Marussia F1 and recommend they go with Premium Shield for outright strength.



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I think he means the aggressiveness during install. Once the film cures and it has been on for years, both can be removed about the same. Just need some heat, either steamer or other form and both can be removed. Just be careful and don't wait more than 3 years. I've removed 10 year old film and let me tell you, it sucks

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I find the opposite to be the case TintMaster, the less aggressive adhesive on the Suntek allows me more time to lift and relay and it stretches lovely around curves. But that just goes to show the answer to the original question is a very personal thing, and within reason, to choose between the top films really depends on what you and the customer want out of the film.


I have also found that the film really lets you know how it wants to be removed, I have had equal success heating and easing the film off and just grabbing and ripping. Just depends how the film feels when removing.



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We switched To Suntek and never looked back

Used every brand of film out there over more than a decade

Both good films but Suntek is the class leader right now IMHO

Testing the 3m equivalent at the moment to see how it performs on one of our test cars

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