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Film on Film, will it stick?

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Ok, I had this happen the other day. A guy brought in a 2014 Impala to have tinted. I started with the passenger side and worked my way around the car. I didn't realize till I got to the front drivers window that the car had a 50% film installed. They had shaved the top edge of the glass so unless you looked really, really close it was almost impossible to tell. Long story short we left the film on to see what happens. Worst case I would have to peel it off and start again. I didn't touch the back glass, thank goodness.

Questions is, will the new tint I applied stick or cause problems down the road?

Has this happened to anyone else?   :facepalm2 

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Besides not cleaning the glass properly, you might not have any issues anytime soon. When I bought my Expedition back about 4.5 years ago I tinted the back window with a 50% on top of the factory dyed glass. I realized the next day it was still just a little too light so I installed another layer of 50% and it has held up just fine. Difference with me doing it on my own car is if it goes bad, It's my vehicle, not a customers. 

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We have customers ask for this all the time and we don't do it and explain to them that film was not meant to stick to other film.  However, we did it on one of our cars and so far so good.  We did it because the guy didn't want the reflective look of the Huper Optik Ceramic, but wanted the heat reduction.  So we did a lighter layer of Formula One Pinnacle first and another lighter layer of Huper Optik Ceramic.  The outcome is around 30% and has a much blacker look.  The only downside would be your film will only last as long as the first one does.

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