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Ripping along body line?

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We recently wrapped a Utility bed with 3m IJ180CV3 with 3m 8519 luster. The entire wrap was a nightmare, but we got it done. Then two weeks later our customer stops by and I notice that along a body line (a spot welded body line) there are tears along the entire seem. I checked the back side of each of these seams and they are spot welded about every inch or so along the entire seam.


What would cause this? I doubt that the entire utility body is flexing enough to cause this kind of tearing. Also it does not get cold enough here in GA to cause this type of tearing either. Any ideas?






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looks like you bridged a gap, there is likely more flex than you think on that line, and someone did as stated above and ran their finger or something down that line and broke the vinyl.  Seems strange to have fresh vinyl break like that...

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I am guessing more flexing than fingers as surely if you started to run your finger along it and noticed it starting to tear you would stop rather than continue and then proceed to go to other areas of the car and do the same.


As Ryker said its odd if the vinyl is only two weeks old that its become that brittle, but i have no idea of the elements it has been subjected to in that two weeks (e.g 2 weeks of freezing temps). The way its broken it looks very brittle.


I would suggested cutting back to just before/after each weld. This will mean a visible line but advising the customer if you redo it you would have to trim there anyway (to avoid it occurring again) should help. Not ideal probably design wise, but not sure if an adhesion promoter in the gap would stop it either (if its movement)

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As noted above bridging will pretty much always fail. 


Top pic left side looks like someone does not know how shingles work. Wrinkles are for ballsacks and old people.


Bottom pic around the wheel well looks like someone did not reheat the film to retrain it to stay in its new shape.


Really basic video talks about many steps it seems your installer failed at.



I think someone may have skipped a class. Are you 3M certified????



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