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Thank you Booms! You are awesome!!

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Holy Crap!!   :blink  :mail  

So,, I got this box in the mail today. Window film box from a manny I haven't seen in this shop yet.   :chin Wonder what that is? It looks way to big for a T-shirt, yet it says it's from a Toyota Dealership in Ocala Florida. Strange.   :hmmm 

I open the box, and WOW!!!! LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF!! Woohoo!!  :boogie 

What was supposed to be a T-shirt,, exploded into : LUNCH AT SUBWAY A FEW TIMES  :sandwich - A T-shirt - an awesome Gators hat  :evileye ( Roll Tide )  :heh - some 5hr Energy - a bag of Lifesavers Orange mints (which by the way, you couldn't have been more on point with those. NICE!) - a cool little monkey keychain - a chizler- a conquerer - a white scrubby pad- and some really nice paper towels   :err 

I just want to say thank you so very much Booms. What a great surprise   :ppdance You are awesome.   :yep 

And I do have to thank TintDude also.   :thumb If not for this site, I wouldn't have all these new friends in my family.   :grouphug 

So thanks again Booms and TintDude and all my new friends. I hope y'all all have a great holiday season. Mine just got started rather nicely, I must say.   :DD




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