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Decent affordable tint and tools to learn?

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Hey Guys!


    I am extremely determined to start my own business. Like a lot of people, I work full time and can't afford to just quit and take a huge pay cut to start a new career. Tinting is super appealing to me because I feel that if I am dedicated and motivated, I can teach myself to do it well enough to earn a living. I have a great work ethic and am very good with people, just need the right service to make this goal happen. My plan is to get a couple of doors and rear windshields from the junkyard, set them up in my garage, and tint them over and over for experience. I will also practice on my own vehicles. I would really appreciate any insight on which tint would be fairly affordable but still good enough quality that It would be worth learning with. I plan on buying a roll to get started but don't want to get some low quality ebay tint so I can ensure the end result is from skill not product quality. Also, any suggestions on tools I absolutely need to get started would be very much appreciated. Thank you guys so much. I am very grateful to have found this forum! It could literally be the start to a whole new life for me.

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I don't respond to post like this normally, but I am seeing it all to often. I understand your not trying to, but this is a slap in the face to many here. You say your extremely determined to start a business? Just any business, or a tinting business? But your not willing to sacrifice and do what it takes to do it right. This is a major issue in our industry. I'm all for new up and coming people, but it needs to be viewed more seriously. Although I was young when I started, I was married, and took quite a big pay cut to go apprentice in a shop and learn the TRADE. In the beginning of our business we struggled for a good amount of years. We invested 10's of thousands of dollars upfront. Even 18 years later it it can be hard at times. So if you really want to enter the window film industry, put in the time and sacrifice to do it right. It's a trade just like any other. The only difference is it has no regulation for entrance. If you just want any business and tint looks like a easy one to jump into, you will be in for a rude awakening. I know some will not like this post, and say "don't worry people will just come to you for the redo's" but I don't believe that's the case. It is a thorn in the side of the window film industry.(automotive mostly).I'm not trying to be rude. I hope you do start in the tint life ,correctly, and thrive in it.

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Those wanting to tint see the tools and think it looks fun and its a cheap start up.  You need tools often and theres much more that you need than tools. To learn on your own might take 3x longer than getting trained at a shop.  If you are looking for and easy business that wont frustrate you...you’re looking into the wrong trade. 

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