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Window tint gaps and edges

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Hi! Its my first time getting my windows tinted and I noticed there was a gap at the top edge of the windows. I was wondering if that was normal practice in tinting? I have read through some forums and it’s still unclear. Are you able to provide some opinions as to whether this was done appropriately. I also noticed there were some uneven edges in addition the the gap. The job cost $360 and was done less than a week ago. Thank you!!





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That's normal. Some shops leave a very slight gap, some do what's called filing, bringing the film past the edge and then cutting the film at the edge. 

I prefer leaving the small gap, as it is not seeable when the window is up, and there is less chance of it getting constant friction on that film edge from rolling up.

As long as the gap is clean and very small, it's OK.

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