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F150 Windshield Factory Tint?

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Hi all,


Had my local shop put 70% Suntek CIR on my windshield a few days ago. Driving home I noticed it was pretty dark and thought “wow this is 70%?”  Seems a shade or two lighter than my 18% CIR front windows.


Went back and asked him to check, his meter showed 52% VLT and he said that was correct for a 70% tint on the windshield. 


So the factory windshield on a 2023 F150 has some tint to it?  Is that normal?


Thanks I’m advance. 



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I install both the CXP 70 and the CIR 70. Thats seems a little dark for the CIR 70, which is actually 71% on average. The CXP is measured at 64% on average. The CXP can look dark sometimes. 

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