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    17 F-250

    I always take a 90 degree hook tool and slide it up the grove in the mirror tab and pry on it that way so I am prying on the tab and not the window glass. Never had an issue.
  2. I have paint protection on all my cars and would never go without it. Keeps the car in top shape.
  3. I would have to say you probably won’t have any luck getting the manufacture to pay for any of that. They are there for defects in the film and any failure with the actual product. End result they might discontinue selling product to that installer but those issues are all installation errors. The puckering you see is because there was to much material in that area and the installer tried to make it lay down. Also the cut marks are from an inexperienced installer, plain and simple. You stated that there was ceramic coating put on the car? Was that under on on top of the ppf?
  4. I use to do this quite a bit to make my own pattern but it just took so long to do and then I rarely got to use the pattern again. I just started using bulk pieces and hand cutting what I needed. I know they are now 3D scanning parts into a cad program and manipulating them to create the pattern. Scanner that can produce a good scan and software to manipulate it and the knowledge to do this is quite a bit to undertake if you are not producing them for circulation and getting paid for it.