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My windows are now.... very, very hot!

Guest nocalhomeowner

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Guest nocalhomeowner

Yes, they are windows, too, but I expected that.

Same product (GILA Platinum film) as used by the poster who complained about his windows being mirrors.

I have a different issue. I have vertical blinds. The airspace between the window and the vertical blinds seems to have gotten much, much HOTTER since the film was installed.

What it seems like is happening is that the sunlight now travels through the glass and hits the inside of the window. It is then reflected off of the film back through the glass. The amount of LIGHT coming into the room has been decreased somewhat, but the net effect is that the temperature of the glass is increased so dramatically that the window radiates its own heat both backwards (into the room) and forwards (to the outside) such that the temparature 3 inches into the room (just in front of the blinds) is markedly hotter than it was BEFORE the installation of the film.

Am I just misinterpreting what has happened? Or did I misinterpret what was supposed to happen?

I mean, I bought the film to reduce my air conditiioning needs, not to increase them!



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Guest TintPoser
well you need to know how much heat the film was suppose to absorb, sounds to me that you've applied AUTO FILM instead of home/commercial film, or did someone go out and install for you? (business)


Sounds typical of a gila job. the temperature that you are feeling is actually less than what your windows used to RADIATE. Imagine that all that heat that is being reflected both inside and out used to be projected onto the blinda and the furnishings in front of the blinds. Here's a test: place a glass of water 6" in front of the filmed windows, then place the same amount of water in front of an un-filmed window. in 1/2 an hour, feel which one is cooler.

Can you feel the heat on the back of your hand?

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Guest nocalhomeowner

Thanks, TintPoser.

I'll do the water test tommorrow. since I only did 1/2 of the sliding glass door. I hope you are right about the fact that the heat being radiated is less than what used to be radiated. It sure doesn't seem that way to me. Of course, I didn't record the actual temperature just inside the window in any controlled way (such as 2:00pm when the temperature outside is 88 degrees) so all I can go by is comparing the two sides now that one has the film and the other doesn't.

Since I did only the stationary side, I was comparing how the vertical blinds felt on the side of he blinds that faces out (towards the window) on the side of the window with the film installed versus the same side (towards the window) of the vertical blinds on the side without the film installed [see below...this may not be a valid test]. The vertical blind itself felt HOT on the left and was noticeably cooler on the right. Yes, TINT, the stationary side is on the left. <g>

But there may be another reason (or two) why the left seems so much hotter than the right. The right has, of course, the screen. Perhaps that absorbs some of the light so that the amount hitting the window is less. I *CAN* test this by putting the screen all the way to the left to see if it results in the left side being cooler and now the right side seeming hotter.

Also, both portions of the sliding glass door are dual paned, the left side does seem to have a broken seal. This may render invalid any test between the left and right portions before I leave the starting blocks.

As far as TINT's and tint4less's arrogant comments:

1) No it is not auto tint. It is self-install of GILA Heat Control Window Film - Platinum and the box has a picture of a blonde installing it on a house window. Think she drives a car with windows that are shaped like a house window? <g> The package says that 70% of summer heat is reflected and 55% of winter heat is retatined.

2) No it is not installed on the outside of the glass. Geez. But no doubt you guys have seen it all.

Thanks again, guys (even TINT and tint4less).

Take care,


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