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Just when things get interesting (Vit posts...Mazda 3) the topic gets closed before those of us can get a chance to dump a justifiable load. :finger:

I know what the poor sod had served up. A film out of Asia that some cheap arse smuck tinter (that shouldn't give up his day job) thought he could save a few bucks on at the expense of a better known USA manufacturer.

The tinter is obviously an astute businessman and professional with quality work like that and quality product. :finger::eyebrows

Devil :phone

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It is not fair :eyebrows , I'm In Australia and I post in evening and when I'm up the topic's closed already, so no way to answer.

Anyway, thanks all and I?ll use this one to reply.

Hey, at least a few of us caught the magic question...How much did you pay? :finger:


and to oldtinter, blade

Price was $250AU average for non franchiser, not the cheapest one as $180AU and not the franchise one $370AU. The tinter has its own shop, and around 4 cars were tinted in the same time, it?s not mobile one. I know it?s now my problem, because I didn?t go with dealers tint for $495 for similar film.

To blade: As I said I?ve seen another two dealers and they said to redo the job, but they didn?t try to steal business, because both actually suggested going back and talk to guy again. And only if it can?t be solved there, go to them to do the better job.

I wouldn't even start to bother, but I couldn?t miss the rubber cuts and gaps in tint. As you can see I?m not complaining about dust dots in all windows, because they are small and you can?t avoid them, I?m here only about things which had to be done better.

Thanks to all.

About the back window is in two pieces and the join line is still visible and going to be worth with the time, but I can live with it.

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Guest tint rookie

in defense of the Vit. he did post pics. horrible job. I gave him a few pointers. he is a bit 4|\|4L on a friggin bottom of the line mazda. (its hard to have patience with those who dont get the point)

the funnything about being 4|\|4L...... it also comes with being a cheap ass, being a dumb ass, and being bit in the ass.

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Guest tint rookie
here we go

I knew rook would come through - when yah gonna get after alphatinter rook?



hasnt rubbed me wrong yet... yet...

glad to hear youre not to good to get back to your roots (mobile work). stubborn hard ass mo fo.

seems like the only guys I like around here are the hard asses, not the powder puff, candy coat it, kiss my ass members.

(we'll make an exception for TINT) :lol

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