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Solutia Acquires Novomatrix


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About Novomatrix:

Novomatrix Pte Ltd (NVP) is a joint venture between Globamatrix Holdings and Southern Capital Group, headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Houston, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. It is a market leader in the spectrally selective window film business operating several global brand names including V-KOOL®, Huper Optik®, Nanolux®, IQue® and Sun-X®. NVP has market presence in over 30 countries with distribution reach in excess of 1,000 outlets worldwide. In many of the markets it serves, V-KOOL® and Huper Optik® are market leaders with unparalleled brand awareness and loyalty. It has won numerous accolades including the Consumer Best Buy, Superbrand (Singapore) and Promising Franchisor of the Year awards. NVP's 2009 revenue was about 2% of Solutia's total 2009 revenue.


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Guest vclimber
this will be fun to sit back and see what plays out for sure.

Sit back is right, they still aren't going to let you be a HO dealer. :lol2

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Solutia is taking over the tint world... blink.png ... :lol2:lol2:lol2:lol

It's really too early to speculate, but heck who is going to stop me?

This is a steal. The new channel opens up the PAC Rim and Asia markets where the GMX folks have done a very good job.

They acquire some technologies they did not have before like ceramic from Huper Optik (Southwall!)

The Sun Gard Brand is well known in Latin America, Africa and Europe. The US market is an entirely different issue and I assume they will consider all options including absorbing, keeping them separate.

Obviously there are duplication of effort issues, distribution and dealer issues and product conflicts.

Nevertheless given the price tag of $70 M it's an incredible opportunity to expand and acquire the old FTI coaters, etc as well as their talent.

This is a positive game changer along with their recent introduction of a vastly superior Low E All Weather film like EnerLogic.

I also ass u me that many people in this industry are waking up a bit unsure about their future.

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