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2016 Golf Door Panel Removal

Midtown Houston

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I F**king hate Volkswagen......especially this model.  So I decided to rent one to take it apart since we been getting more and more Golf in the shop. Golf and GTI owner been getting mostly Huper Optik Ceramic.  This film is not cheap and they want a perfect job.....So we gather up the team and had a training on this car since no one want to work on this car when it come in.  Lucky we didn't break or destroyed anything.....who care....it is a rental....


Pop off the grab handle cover with a push stick or flat head....there will be one screw to remove behide that cover. There one more screw to remove under the arm rest. On the bottom of the door panel....there is a screw that you just turn half way.


The rear door is the exact same.  We also took out the entire back trim to the fifth door of this car.  I think there are 4 screw to remove on the top....but it just pop off.. You can installed the back glass without removal but it is a tight fit.








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Thanks !!! I hate Volkswagon's, why the heck they make em so difficult to disassemble? I did a 2016 Passat last week it was tight as hell bottom and sides of gaskets. I slipped it behind with a ez reach, came out clean but it was brand new.

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This car brother me so much...that I just had to rent it to face the fear.....But my company is prepare for it now and will be the best at it.  We did the same to the new Audi A8......the back glass use to kick everyone butt.....Then one day I decided to spend a few hour with the Audi tech and feed him lunch and gift card to pappa restaurant.  He taught me how to remove everything to do the back glass and what not to remove due to air bag sensor everywhere....  Took us 45 min for the first removal and now......8min to remove what we have to remove....  We do the cleanest job on this car that other tint shop bring that car to us to tint.....


That is what make us different from other shop....but hey...there are some cars I just won't take....

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Here is a warning about removing VW panels(which are fairly easy),,when I removed the rear panel of a 16 passat,,the wire plug to the window switch pulled off and trying to plug it back in/ended up breaking 2 of the 3 small pins=$72 retail,,ordered it $52(switch),,lucky the customer was cool about it

I went back to gasket shields for the driver side/bottom loading which is not bad

Still hate VWs tho





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