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How old is too old to start tinting?


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I've been interested in tinting for a number of years and have worked in the automotive aftermarket for 14 years.  I worked in sales and 12V/accessory installation at a shop for 7 years that did window tint and would hang out in the tint bay quite a bit during downtime and watch the tinter and learn techniques.  I applied the tint to a few quarter windows, I just never attempted to tint a full car myself. 


I am currently 34 and wish I had learned how to tint 15 years ago.  I've recently been thinking about going through a training program and learning to tint.  How old is too old to start?  How old were you when you started?

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"Get busy living, or get busy dying"

You're never to old to learn something new. Just because someone else started at 16 doesn't mean you can't start at 34. You've already got a head start by knowing how to pull panels and such. Go for it man.

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Sounds a lot like my story, watched our tinter quite a bit, finally he moved and then I went on the road with him for a few days prior to him leaving, he let me do a few cars and the rest is history. Definitely go for it you already have an advantage over many who have no experience with cars.

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