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1994 Chevy Silverado


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I scrub or steam the edges of the door windows and flush with water. If the back glass is a solid one piece I clean the glass then put a towel over my platinum reach and clean up the side, along the top edge and down the other side to clean and dirt that may try to trickle down into your tint. I do a single cab in 22 minutes and and extended cab in 35. The extended cab windows take a little work to clean the black edge of dirt for same reason as the rear glass so that no dirt trickles down and clean around the button or remove the button whichever is your preference. I remove the pin on the extended window with a punch and pry tool. Easy peasy! I cut a perfect circle around the button on my film and slip it over the opener fastener button thingy.....yeah that! Then push the pin back down to fasten back.

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